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MSBuildTasks contains FiXml utility that eliminates two most frequent cases leading to copy-pasting the parts of XML documentation - of course, by our own experience.
Microsoft Help 1.0 and 2.0 SDKs Microsoft Help 1.0 and 2.0 SDKs working separately from Visual Studio .NET SDKs.
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  • Wednesday, May 28, 2014
    DataObjects.Net 5.0.0 Beta 3

    We've just released DataObjects.Net 5.0.0 Beta 3 which brings several improvements over previous Beta 2 release as well…

  • April 15
    DataObjects.Net 4.6.6

    Changes in DataObjects.Net 4.6.6: [main] Added DomainConfiguration.MultidatabaseKeys setting [main] Fixed incorrect…

  • March 20
    NonTransactionalReads in DataObjects.Net 5.0

    NonTransactionalReads is a specific Session option that allows to read once fetched entities right from Session cache without…

  • March 17
    DataObjects.Net 5.0 meets NLog & log4net

    In the previous post we explained DataObjects.Net built-in logging capabilities. Now it is time to show how popular logging…

  • March 05
    DataObjects.Net 5.0 built-in logging

    Yeah, we have to admit it - logging in DataObjects.Net 4.x was implemented quite odd and its API was not clear even to …