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Installer (nightly build) Xtensive.MSBuildTasks (FiXml) installer - nightly build.
3/30/2010 Download1.4 MB
License Agreement License agreement.
5/21/2009 Download126.0 KB
Manual FiXml utility manual.
5/21/2009 Download153.1 KB
Installer Xtensive.MSBuildTasks (FiXml) installer.
7/1/2009 Download1.5 MB
  • Tuesday, September 16, 2014
    DataObjects.Net 5.0.2

    We've already released DataObjects.Net 5.0.2 which containst several fixes. All changes are described bellow. Changes…

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    We are back to blogging

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    DataObjects.Net 5.0.0 Beta 3

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    DataObjects.Net 4.6.6

    Changes in DataObjects.Net 4.6.6: [main] Added DomainConfiguration.MultidatabaseKeys setting [main] Fixed incorrect…

  • March 20
    NonTransactionalReads in DataObjects.Net 5.0

    NonTransactionalReads is a specific Session option that allows to read once fetched entities right from Session cache without…