Our mission is to create new generation of open, scalable, but simple and inexpensive database software designed for commodity hardware and ship the product and services related to it worldwide.

"New generation" means much more than just a new product for us: we implement new data management algorithms perfectly fitting capabilities of the modern commodity hardware, as well as contemporary tools and platform (.NET). New generation also means shift in paradigm: we're going to show SQL as database interaction standard isn't necessary any more. The object-relational mapping facade we provide is capable of interacting with database engine with or without SQL, so it is supported to only keep the compatibility with existing databases.

"Open, scalable, but simple and inexpensive" are values we pursuit. Our software must be really simple for developers. The internal complexity, which is inevitable for full-featured database engines, must be compensated by clearly layered and open architecture. Its horizontal scalability should be almost unlimited - moreover, it should be possible to scale the storage using just a commodity hardware.

The overall cost of required licenses shouldn't be linearly bound to such metrics as the count of CPU cores. Moreover, at least during first 2-3 years we will provide company-wide licenses. Our pricing policy is targeted on giving everyone an opportunity to build Internet-Scale Storage, which cost is nearly equal to the cost of hardware it runs on.

And finally, "worldwide" implies high quality of the product, materials and services around it. dissertation help